Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Sometimes life gets in the way of what I really enjoy. Genealogy is one of those things that often has to take a back burner to life. What things in life have caused this?
Pregnancy - not an easy one
Crashed Outlook - I lost everything in outlook months ago. It kept me away from my computer for a few months
Work - that job thing that pays so I can have a computer and internet
Pregnancy - did I mention that I am tired and it hasn't been easy?

Over the past few months if you have tried to contact me, please try again. I am back up and running! At least when it comes to outlook.
Isn't this what we are all about? Family!

I have a new appreciation for those who lived before the meds we have. I also think those who procreated while in their 20's rather than 30's might actually know something.


  1. You look great! It's ok to take naps, you know. Get 'em in now while you can. :)


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