Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let Freedom Ring

As we prepare for celebrating the Independence of America it reminded me of a project I started some time ago. I have obviously not been working on it but one of things I have done is research on family members of mine who lived in America during the Revolutionary War. There are quite of few of them.One of those who fought in the Revolutionary War is James Theophilus Lewis. Not only did he fight on the side of America, he was an immigrant. He knew how important it was to help this new country be born.James is my Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather. Yes 7 greats! Here is a little information I found about him - because there is only a little bit.He was born August 9, 1736 in Wales England. He fought in the North Carolina Militia during the Revolutionary War. He had one wife he married before 1771 and after her death he remarried. He moved his family to Kentucky in 1810.There are thousands who fought for our freedom during this war who we know nothing about and most of them don't even have headstones. I hope this blog will help you think about average "James" who fought against his homeland to bring about Freedom for all of us.