Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Pilgrims - Mary Chilton

My husband and I are the Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Granddaughter of Mary Chilton, who tradition has was the first female to walk ashore from the Mayflower. (That is 9 greats.)
Mary Chilton was the daughter of James Chilton and Mrs. Chilton. She was born in 1608, There has been much speculation about her mother's name but as time has gone by and records have been found, it is believed that the person once thought to be her mother is not her mother due to her young age. We do know that her mother was excommunicated in 1609 though.

Mary Chilton was an incredible women to have not only crossed the Atlantic, but survived without parents, they both died in 1620/1621. Mary married John Winslow (arrived in 1921) sometime before 1627, when their first child was born. They had 10 children. Sometime before 1971 they moved to Boston. Below is the marker that stands where their home used to be.
Mary died in 1679. Mary's will shows that she had accumulated much in the way of worldly treasures.

I grew up always knowing about Mary Chilton. The line that connects to me is through women for all but one generation. I had a small book my grandma gave me when I was in elementary school showing our heritage. This book always stood out as a reminder of what strong women I have had in my past and has helped me know that I too can be strong.
At this time of Thanksgiving, I am very thankful for my ancestor, Mary Chilton and for her parents who brought her to this wonderful land of Freedom.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Many people have family crests. Many are new. Others are old. I found this one this week.

The pedigree of the CAVE family was certified by Sir William Segar, the Garter King of Arms in 1632. A great part of the pedigree was recorded at Heralds' Visitations of Yorkshire and Leicestershire, much before 1632. It is now to be seen in Burkes' "Peerage" as the lineage Sir Mylles Cave-Brown-Cave.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1850's cabin

I never know where and when I will find something that is a treasure so I try to keep my out. Last night I was scanning through the "Draper Journal", one of those printed papers that comes to all our mailboxes that is usually tossed. I was getting ready to toss it when I saw something about an old pioneer home being relocated. I saw the name on the cabin, Fitzgerald. I have seen that name in my family tree but have not traced that line. I decided to last night.
As written in the Draper Journal, "The cabin was built in 1850 by Perry Fitzgerald, one of Draper’s earliest pioneer residents. Fitzgerald went into Corner Canyon to find what logs he could for the cabin, which provided shelter for him and his family until they were able to build a larger home. The cabin originally had two rooms, a fire pit and an attic and was located within Fort Draper. Fitzgerald’s wife, Agnes, had six of the couple’s 13 children while the family lived in the cabin."
I went to my trusty tree and looked up the name Fitzgerald. Perry was there with his wife Agnes. Their daughter Mary Jane was the wife of my great great grandfather, Joshua Beynon Stewart. (I am a descendant of his wife Amelia.) That makes her my great great step grandmother - but wait, are they still step if they are a "sister wife"?
I suspect there might be another line that also connects me with the Fitzgerald's but I do know this one to be accurate.
Had I not known my family tree as I do, I would not have picked up on the name of this family cabin. I now have a greater connection and appreciation for this lone home than I would have had I not had my genealogy as complete as it is.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran's Day 2009

I have been trying to get this blog together mentally for days now but it seems my time has run out. This slide shows only some of the documents and incredible men in my family who served our great country, The United States of America. (And a photo of my great grandma in uniform.)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Abraham and Israel's Lineage

I receive emails from different sources to help me stay on top of what is new and to continually learn more. Today I received an email that contained this chart. I thought it was very easy to read and understand. I thought, this would be good to share.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Census Records

Census records hold a wealth of information. Sometimes it can be very difficult to read and decipher the handwriting, but it can provide a wealth of information if time and patience are taken.
This week I want to mention Peter Knight. For months and probably even a bit more than a year it looked like this ancestor's name was Jeter. Someone had transcribed a census record to read Jeter and because I had not found any other records to counter this, I kept looking for a Jeter.
All along, I felt that this name was wrong and kept coming back to the source over and over again. Then one day it dawned on me! He name was PETER not Jeter. The front part of the P had worn off in the last 168 years on the census. As soon as I realized this, I was able to find more records, including his marriage date to his wife Mary.
I decided that more needed to be done in relation to Peter and Mary and not just follow the genetic line through their son, Edward. I needed more information on Matilda, their daughter.
As fate would have it, I was able to find a cousin, from the line of another brother, who was willing to help me find information on her. Because of this cousin in less than 10 days I was able to find Matilda's husband's name and two of her children.
I know that sharing information and admitting that help is needed can produce great results. I am constantly learning about different ways to find ancestors which creates wonderful bonds with others.
Past Times is more than just those who lived in the past, it is about creating friendships with those who are related to us, and possibility very distantly, but always helping forge those links.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fun Find of the Week

I am going to try and post a Fun Find every week.

This week it is a photo of a client's Great Grandfather. I learned of a book containing this branch's family history. I decided to check it out Friday evening and found a photo that will be treasured for many years to come. The photo contains Charles' mother, father and siblings.
I also have copies of several different census records and his World War I Draft Card.