Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Sometimes life gets in the way of what I really enjoy. Genealogy is one of those things that often has to take a back burner to life. What things in life have caused this?
Pregnancy - not an easy one
Crashed Outlook - I lost everything in outlook months ago. It kept me away from my computer for a few months
Work - that job thing that pays so I can have a computer and internet
Pregnancy - did I mention that I am tired and it hasn't been easy?

Over the past few months if you have tried to contact me, please try again. I am back up and running! At least when it comes to outlook.
Isn't this what we are all about? Family!

I have a new appreciation for those who lived before the meds we have. I also think those who procreated while in their 20's rather than 30's might actually know something.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reaching Out and Personal Histories

I have said it over and over again - REACH OUT and talk with your family members. You never know what you will find.
My great grandpa and great great grandpa were these unknowns to me. (I did have great photos of the grandmas.) I couldn't find anyone on the web related to them and I finally had to break down and contact a living family member who I had no idea if she would know who I was. She did though and has sent me SO much information that is priceless. When I opened the package from her, I sat and cried. It was the first time I had seen a photo of my great grandpa and one that I could really tell facial features of my great great grandpa.
Not only did she have lots of photos for me, some including me too, she sent personal histories. Here's the thing, not a single one is written by my direct ancestors. They are all written by my grandpa's cousins. Apparently my grandpa and his siblings didn't take the time to write down anything. I have decided that I can't let this happen. I have challenged my mom and aunt to write about their grandparents and parents. I too have taken up this challenge to write about my grandparents and parents.
Something that is priceless in these writings is putting in FULL NAMES and DATES. It is so frustrating to read a history that only uses a person's nick name. Just write out the full name once. Ages are good but only if you have their birth date as a starting point.
So my new challenge is to work on my personal history - which I may be posting here.