Friday, November 6, 2009

Census Records

Census records hold a wealth of information. Sometimes it can be very difficult to read and decipher the handwriting, but it can provide a wealth of information if time and patience are taken.
This week I want to mention Peter Knight. For months and probably even a bit more than a year it looked like this ancestor's name was Jeter. Someone had transcribed a census record to read Jeter and because I had not found any other records to counter this, I kept looking for a Jeter.
All along, I felt that this name was wrong and kept coming back to the source over and over again. Then one day it dawned on me! He name was PETER not Jeter. The front part of the P had worn off in the last 168 years on the census. As soon as I realized this, I was able to find more records, including his marriage date to his wife Mary.
I decided that more needed to be done in relation to Peter and Mary and not just follow the genetic line through their son, Edward. I needed more information on Matilda, their daughter.
As fate would have it, I was able to find a cousin, from the line of another brother, who was willing to help me find information on her. Because of this cousin in less than 10 days I was able to find Matilda's husband's name and two of her children.
I know that sharing information and admitting that help is needed can produce great results. I am constantly learning about different ways to find ancestors which creates wonderful bonds with others.
Past Times is more than just those who lived in the past, it is about creating friendships with those who are related to us, and possibility very distantly, but always helping forge those links.

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